About Sweepers

The origins of Sweepers Curling Club is linked to the amalgamation of Super Curling Club and the National Coal Board Curling Club.

Super Curling Club

Super Curling Club was formed in 1927 by a group of bank employees. In those days women gave up work on marriage and the Club in recognition of this was made up of two parts, a ladies’ section that was for the non-working wives and played during the day, and the mixed section for the men and working women that played in the evenings. The club played out of Haymarket Ice Rink.

Originally the spelling of the name was Sooper Curling Club; “soop” being the Scots term for sweep. Reputedly, in the early days the club decided to purchase badges from a company in England and sent off an order for badges inscribed “Sooper Curling Club”. Someone in the company thought “that’s not how you spell super” so the badges were manufactured inscribed “Super Curling Club”. The members took a pragmatic approach and decided to stick with their “new” name.

In 1999 due to falling membership the mixed section of the club amalgamated with the National Coal Board Curling Club and formed “Sweepers Curling Club” a name that reflects the heritage of the original “Soopers” (and perhaps a tenuous connection with sweeping coal soot from chimneys!)

The Ladies section continues to thrive as Super Ladies Curling Club.